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Adult fabric eye patch for glasses, or pirate patch style - bluey green leaves

Adult fabric eye patch for glasses, or pirate patch style - bluey green leaves

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 Our Adult Eye Patch is specifically designed to address a range of eye conditions, including double vision, cataracts, and post-surgical care. Its ergonomic yet comfortable design allows for a secure and comfortable fit that can be worn for longer periods of time, it can be washed and used for at least 6 months.  Orthoptists commonly recommend Eye-Lids eye patches for many vision issues.

Our men's and women's eye patches come in a range of colours and designs, from classic black to bold patterns that will make a statement. We understand that wearing an eye patch can sometimes feel like a chore, so we strive to make our patches as comfortable and enjoyable to wear as possible.

In addition to being functional and stylish, our eye patches are also made from high-quality materials that are safe for your skin. We take great care in selecting materials that won't irritate your skin or cause any discomfort. They will completely cover the eye, not allowing light in. There are two sizes, if you are a petite person, please ask for the medium size, it will fit a little smaller for you.

To ensure the best fit for glasses, select the option with the nose pieces if your glasses are metal frames, or the option without the nose pieces if your glasses are plastic frames. For those who don’t wear glasses, we offer a pirate patch alternative; it’s the same size and style with a wide, stretchable, and soft elastic band that goes around the head.

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