Eye patches for Adults


Adult eye patches, fabric eye patch, cataract eye patch, double vision patch


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Why do adults wear eye patches?

To protect your eye after cataract surgery. To prevent swelling after eye removal surgery. To protect your eye after incurring trauma to your eye or areas in the eye cavity area. To improve physical appearance after eye removal or due to disfiguring eye scars

Diplopia and double vision:

Did your doctor recommend an eye patch for help with your double vision? An eye patch can help with the treatment, by allowing one eye to be covered and closed, which helps the non covered eye to focus.


If your doctor has recommended wearing an eye patch to help with the treatment of the Cataracts, our patches can help. They will completely cover the eye, not allowing light in. 


Have you had surgery recently, and would love a fabric eye patch to help while you are healing? Choose from our nice, neutral fabrics, or something colourful and fun.

Our adult eye patches are available in the pirate patch style, or to attach to glasses with or without nose pieces.

adult eye patch, double vision eye patch, cataract eye patch