Which eye do I patch?

You patch the strong eye, which forces the weak eye to work harder. If the left eye is strong, you will need to order the patch for the left eye.


Can I wash my Eye-Lids patch?

Yes, you can hand wash in regular detergent, and either sit flat to dry, or place in a sock, and throw in the dryer with a load. It will tighten it up, back to it's original shape.


What if I received the wrong patch?

You can always contact us, and we will take care of whatever concern that you're having. People order their patch for the wrong eye all the time, that's not a problem! We are all human, and do make mistakes, if you've received a patch that you did not order, we will take care of it right away.


Patching Pointers:

Give your child some screen time. Studies have shown that playing video games on small, handheld game devices while one eye is patched can be very effective.

Offer other favorite activities during patching times. You might break out the paints, markers, and other craft supplies so your child can focus on a project he enjoys, rather than the fact that he's wearing a patch.

Create a tracking calendar. Make or buy a calendar or chart that your child can decorate with stickers to note each successful patching day.

Offer rewards. Wearing a patch is no fun for kids, so give your child a special treat to encourage her efforts.

Try out different types of patches. You may have to experiment a little to find the patch that works best for your child. The adhesive on some patches can irritate a child's skin, and some of the fabric patches will fit better than others, it's always best to give your little patcher a few options to find the one that works best for them!



 Please contact us if you have any other questions...