Eye patches for plastic frames (without nose pieces)

Our eye patches are made with flannel and cotton materials, with a soft quilt batten in between the two layers. They are very soft against the face and curved for a natural fit. They are a cotton/polyester blend.


The following style is an eye patch for plastic frames, or glasses without nose pieces. The nose pieces that we talk about on the order form are those little rubbery nose pieces that are usually found on metal frames. Plastic frames do not have the little rubbery nose pieces, and will need a patch for glasses without nose pieces. The patch will have a small elastic that hooks into a clip at the nose bridge, which secures it onto the glasses. 

Slip the arm through the elastic sleeve, place the elastic loop over the nose bridge and attach to the clip, and it’s attached…there’s a curve in the patch for comfort, so the eye-lashes don’t get too squished! Once the glasses are on, give a little tug at the side to straighten it out.