We wanted to share some encouraging words from some of our ambassadors, we love to hear feedback!


We are always looking for new ambassadors to add to our website, for other parents, and kids to see! Please share your story with us. Free patches for those who share a photoEye-Lids Ambassadors wearing their patches, for the treatment of amblyopia


"My eye patch was very well designed and made. It is comfortable and fits on my glasses. I highly recommend this seller"

LIA - purchased an adult patch

"I bought this patch for my partner, who has very limited vision in his left eye. He says it's really comfortable and it is now his patch of choice! Thanks so much 😊"


'Shop owner was super responsive to my messages. Made sure I got the right thing. My son doesn't like patching at all, but out of the four different ones we purchased, this is the one he chooses every day. He loves the Pokémon fabric and it fits perfectly. The quality is great, and it arrived quickly. If he needs another one, this will be the first shop we go to!'


"Great quality eye patches! It’s very hard to find cloth eye patches for kids and these are perfect for my son. It helps makes the eye patch life a little easier. Highly recommend!"

ANONYMOUS, United Kingdom Eye patch arrived this morning. Absolutely perfect and she especially is so delighted with no more sticky sore eye area to have to suffer. As she will be wearing this for an indefinite period I am so very pleased to have found your product.”


“To share my update on this product: My son (5 years) was having amblyopia and after undergoing the patch exercise with your eye lids, after 1 month, his vision had improved drastically….This is such an awesome product, I went ahead and placed the order for 2 more spares for him.. According to our doctor, he needs to continue this for next 5 years. Thanks.”                                             

Some children start patching when they are very young

CATHIE, British Colombia    

“I just wanted to say how ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL these eye patches are!! We have had no end of grief trying to get our 3 year old Caleigh to wear a patch on her eye so it will help the other one get stronger.  The patches I ordered from you arrived yesterday and as soon as Caleigh saw them she couldn’t wait to wear one!!  When she woke up this morning one of the first things she asked for was her Hello Kitty Patch!  These are going to make our life so much easier! Thank you for coming up with such an inventive and wonderful product for little kids! I sure wish they had had these when I was small and had to wear a patch!!”

LORI, Texas

“We are very pleased with the Captain America patch. The patch you sent has made the patching experience MUCH more tolerable for my son. In fact, I think we would have lost the battle to patch at all if we didn’t find your company. THANK YOU. I just sent in another order today for a Spiderman patch.”

HEIDI, Illinois

“I just wanted to say thank you for your product. You have really made the process of having amblyopia easier for children…The material is soft and she didn’t complain once (& my daughter is very very finicky when it  comes to things being “itchy”). The patch completely covered her eye and both patterns were very cute!  You have a happy little customer!  Thank you again!”

A happy customer wearing her sisters patch for the treatment of lazy eye


“I just wanted to thank you for the patches.  My daughter wore her Mater one right away, and actually wanted to keep her patch on all afternoon.  Normally wearing the patch is a struggle, but she asked to wear her new Cars patches!  She even kept it on for her walk, to the store and everything.  Unheard of with the old patch. All I can say is THANK YOU!!”


“Wanted to share a picture of my very very happy guy!!!!  He will be 7 next week and when he first started having to wear the patch just 3 weeks ago he was hating it!!! Till I found u and his favorite characters batman and star wars!  He wore his patch just as he should.. the Dr was very pleased his time has gone down from 12 hours a week to 10/week.  He’s so happy!  Thank you for this its comfortable stylish for this stylish little person. Very glad I found your site.”

MEREDITH, Baltimore

“I just had to write to you about the eyepatch I ordered. It is fantastic! What a brilliant idea. We tried it on today and she loves it. She said it was very comfortable, it fit snug on her glasses and stays in place! Thank You so much for making such an amazing product! My child with sensitive skin thanks you! It’s better than what we expected!!!”

ANGELA, North Dakota

“I just wanted to tell you how much we like your eye patches!  My son wore his spongebob patch with pride during school until he lost it!  I even had another parent asking where I got it because her son liked it so much and wanted one, too!  They are the only patches we’ve found that cover well and are actually comfortable.  And, they come in so many popular prints.  Thanks for making them available to us.  I know that my son wouldn’t have had such rapid improvement in his eye without his eye-lid because it is the only one he would ever consistently wear!”

LAURA, Minnesota

“I just want to thank you again for the amazing patches! My son has been wearing it for approx 2 months now, and we were at the eye specialist yesterday~ his vision has improved and his depth perception has greatly improved! We are to continue wearing the patch for another 2 months! Thank you for making this “mom” friendly as well as kid friendly. I love that we have far less of a battle wearing these patches vs the other store ones we tried in the beginning! What a life saver these have been! Thanks again!!!!!! I have passed your website on to many of our friends.”

Fabric eye patches for the treatment of lazy eye, post surgery care

LORI, Ontario

“Hi Lisa – the patch worked out great!  After only 5 weeks of wearing it, my daughter’s eye doctor was amazed at the improvement.  She no longer has a lazy eye and can see 20/20 with her glasses on.  He credited the fact that she wore the patch religiously every day.  The patch was comfortable for her and she loved that it had her favorite princess on it!  It was well worth the money and I would certainly recommend it to others. Thank you, again.”