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Bunny's and chicks~new fabric~

Bunny's and chicks~new fabric~

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Patching eye

Our children's eye patch is designed for the treatment of lazy eye, or amblyopia. The patch is designed to block the vision completely, allowing no light to enter. Crafted from soft, non-adhesive materials, this patch ensures ideal comfort for long-term use. Orthoptists commonly recommend Eye-Lids eye patches for vision therapy and treatment of lazy eye.

The many colourful and varied designs, including many children's favourite characters, make wearing an eye patch less of a chore. Constructed from high-quality cotton and flannel materials, these patches are safe for your child's skin and won't cause irritation.They are also completely washable and reusable, lasting approximately 6 months.

When ordering for glasses, look for either a patch with nose pieces for metal frames, or without nose pieces for plastic frames. We also offer the pirate patch style, which has a soft, wide elastic that fits around the head. It's available in the drop down 'style' menu when ordering.

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